The Red Phonebox converting British red phonebox kiosks into anything from drinks cabinets through to fish tanks.

In 1924 a knighted architect designed one of Britain´s most famous landmarks... Now you can have it adaped to give your home or business unique character.
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Established: 1986 "From requiem to restoration"

The Red Phonebox, suppliers and restoration specialists of one of the Great British landmarks. Based in Essex; just above London we offer our services Nationwide. Kiosks are renovated by skilled fitters in fully equipped workshops. Much interest has been shown by the press (The Times, The Daily Mail, The New York Times) and television (BBC, NBC) who have run features on the company.

"I love everything about old telephone kiosks, I think they´re a design classic and a national treasure, don´t you?" Anyway, I bought some in 1988 and saved them from the scrap–yard in the nick of time. Then I thought it would be fun to adapt them to different uses.

Other people think so too, and buy them. Now´s your chance to do the same. They look superb. I´ve had mine, a cocktail cabinet conversion, for some time now. The family love it. Not surprisingly, they are also quite a talking point for your friends when you entertain, or for your collegues and business associates.

You might agree that the architect who designed the kiosk in 1924, Sir George Gilbert Scott, was a remarkable man. Did you know he was the one they sent for when the House of Commons needed rebuilding after the war?

Perhaps you imagine he would have been bemused at what we´re doing here. But I daresay he´d have accepted a drink from this beloved K6 ´Jubilee´ kiosk! This piece of British heritage is now a collector´s item. If you´d like just a basic kiosk, a full conversion or an ´original´ then please do get in contact with us.